The Importance Of Learning Cursive Writing

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Life is like a decaying house; it presents one with myriad challenges. Challenges are inherent to life, so individuals are required to buckle down and, begrudgingly, face them. Most dislike the numerous challenges they confront, but, with time, they eventually grow to accept them. When a challenge is necessary, the individual fulfills it; however, is this still true for unnecessary challenges? Do people still buckle down and face them? From my experience, it depends on the task and its reward. One such task is learning cursive writing; some believe it is necessary and has vast rewards, while others believe it is useless and a relic of the past. It seems everybody is on one side or the other, but which side has better arguments? The idea schools…show more content…
One could state cursive is unnecessary, but that does not mean it has no benefits. “It might not really be necessary, but it is one of those superfluous things that make life worth living.” (Blaser) As I previously discussed in my introduction, individuals will face a challenge if the reward is worth the cost, and tons believe cursive is a worthwhile investment. One argument for learning cursive is it increases one’s basic motor skills. Writing in cursive is complicated; it takes effort and it requires meticulous hand movements. The movements might seem small, but they are very good for basic motor skills. When someone learns cursive, they strengthen their hand muscles and become better at basic tasks like tying shoes, buttoning buttons, and picking up objects. Additionally, students who learn cursive often score higher on reading and spelling tests; one could call cursive a mind and body workout. Equally important, learning cursive allows one to read cursive. The English language has countless texts in cursive; if one does not know cursive, they could only gain the information from a, possibly unreliable, narrator. However, if the individual knew cursive, they could interpret the texts on their own, and a completely new world would open up to them. Moreover, one should learn cursive to have a good signature. In society, people…show more content…
I have lived in areas that teach cursive and in areas where cursive is virtually nonexistent. Both sides of the cursive argument have good ideas; but, at the end of the day, I support teaching cursive in schools. Cursive strengthens one’s mind and body. Numerous studies have proven this, and I have personally witnessed it in my own lifetime. Now, granted, it does not turn people into rocket scientists, but it expands their minds and introduces them to a completely new world. Knowledge is the most important asset one can possess, so, considering cursive gives one copious amounts of knowledge, I support it. Cursive is worth the effort because it betters the individual by granting them a new skill, and it betters the individual by giving them a better mind. The other benefits are nice, but they are just the “cherries” on top. As for the arguments against cursive are concerned, I understand them, but I do not believe they outweigh the pros. For example, cursive might make one with bad penmanship write worse, but they can always work on that; just because one has bad handwriting does not mean they cannot change. Cursive might have underwhelming results, but that is a personal opinion; an opinion I do not share. Most importantly, computers might be on the rise, but that does not mean we should just throw away our old methods. To concede one point, I will admit a school might have to choose between cursive or typing based on their budget; however,
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