The Importance Of Learning English In The Classroom

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As a teacher I am interested in finding out the ways to improve the teaching strategies of early year’s teachers for students to learn English effectively in the classroom. It need me think about my own students’ progress and that all of early years’ students should learn English effectively in school. Some of my students in my classroom come to school without any English language skills. In the 21st century there has been a rise in how early years students can benefit in learning English effectively. ESL teachers and practitioners in early childhood and should continuously observe students progress for the purpose of evaluating the teaching strategies and to develop students interests in learning English. A meaningful participation of teachers is required with appropriate teaching strategies will develop students’ interest in learning English (Chumak- Horbatsch, 2004; Tabors & Snow, 2001). Students who are learn English in the classroom will benefit when their first language is valued by the school and teachers. Teachers and early childhood practitioners face challenges in teaching students who come to school without any English language background and also when families do not share the same language. Likewise to fulfil a student’s interest in learning they need sufficient knowledge to create learning opportunities for students to learn the core language in the classroom to a level which they can understand.
The views on teachers teaching methods have evolved based on the

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