Essay On Learning German Language

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Have you ever felt that you were missing out on opportunities that could be life changing? In my four years of learning the German language, through the insight and inspiration that my teachers bestowed in me, I have felt this same way. Learning German has made a strong impact on me. Being able to learn about other countries history gives me a different perspective. Schools within my counties domain do not offer German as a language to learn, so being able to learn the German language is a privilege. However, one upholds the responsibility and dedication to learning the language. This type of privilege is not one to be taken for granted. Learning a language is not an ability everyone has the patience and time to hone and conquer. It takes courage to educate yourself on something as critical as learning a new method of communication; as a student with much time…show more content…
If I were to go to Germany, I would look forward to learning more about the language and the people as I pursued friendships and delved into numerous excursions. This program will offer me an opportunity for me to study abroad and enhance the German language and heritage; this program will also offer me a chance to learn more about myself, and how much further I connect with the German language. When I return home from being in Germany for four weeks, I would return with a stronger vocabulary, numerous photos ready to be uploaded on #ThrowbackThursday, and a story to tell about how much I benefited from being given such a chance to represent my country abroad. When I return home I would share my cultural experiences and perspectives by teaching others about the German language and heritage and how influential it was. Learning Furthermore, the opportunity would apply to my future travels in various countries; I could apply my experience to those of the future and enhance my cultural understanding
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