The Importance Of Learning In Virtual Environment

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How free-choice learning occurs has been discussed in the previous chapter. However, there is not much emphasis on how learning occurs in virtual environment.
Clark and Mayer (2011) have written a comprehensive book on learning in virtual environment (e-learning). By virtual environment in here, it refers to screen based environment, for example, website, application on computer and so on.
Clark and Mayer have a similar believe as other free-choice learning authors such as Falk and Dierking (2000) that, learning can be in the most effective and productive if the environment designed for the learners is in a learner-centred approach, that is the learning through cognitive theory. Put it simpler, the learning environment should be designed
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Each channel has a limited capacity. That is means when a person is presented with picture and onscreen text together, be it text below picture or picture below text, these go through the visual channel. Picture and text then compete for the same limited attention, as the eyes cannot focus on both materials at the same time. When the eyes are looking at the picture, the text would be neglected, and vice versa. Therefore, even the information is presented to the learners; they cannot attend all the information because their visual channel becomes overloaded. The capacity of the two channels is so limited that only a few pieces of information can be actively process by…show more content…
However, this process applies onscreen as well, and what happen onscreen can greatly affect the processing of information.
There are three kinds of demand for learning onscreen: extraneous processing, essential processing and generative processing. The above said learning process is indeed broken down into these three steps.
First step of the process is extraneous processing, where learners’ process information such as text, voice, pictures and so on. It can be easily overloaded by too much information. Learners have limited capacity as mentioned in the last paragraph, and they if they received too much information at one time, their capacity would be overloaded and there is no capacity for essential processing, for example, to understand the information they are receiving.
The second step is essential processing, even if the learners have successfully pass the extraneous process where the information provided for the learners have been minimised, they can be easily fail in essential processing. In which the information is too complex for the learners to digest and hence the learners can be quickly lack sufficient processing

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