The Importance Of Legislation To The Deadlock Of Congress

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As a representative democracy, America is supposed to pass legislation as a collective. Legislation being passed is important in helping the people. Approving legislation requires a majority of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President to vote on its approval. Seemingly easy enough, these elected politicians can act on the concerns of the people and come up with a plan to solve these concerns. However, many factors go into this process becoming increasingly difficult. Factors including, reelected corrupt politicians, political parties rarely voting outside their affiliations, the lack of a significant majority, and political tension. When contemplating why the congress and the president seem to be in a deadlock, it is important to understand the process of how actions can be taken. Also important, is understanding the agenda of all of these politicians in congress, and the president. All of these issues contribute to the deadlock of American government. Contributing to the deadlock of congress is the agenda of individual politicians. In the case of many elected officials, it is not the main objective to do best for their people, but…show more content…
This lack of being able to work together to make benefiting legislation lead to the deadlock of congress. This deadlock hurts the countries in many ways. For example, Congress and President Obama is not able to come together and figure out a way to help the economy through an infrastructure initiative. The country’s infrastructure is crumbling, and the energy infrastructure is outdated (Atlantic) Passing legislation to improve our country 's infrastructure will have a large amount of unemployed construction workers, employed again. This in turn stimulates the economy. The money to pay for a major infrastructure initiative can be borrowed now at the lowest rates imaginable (Atlantic) Currently, the United States Chamber of Commerce is calling for support of a infrastructure initiative being passed, but to no
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