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Did you know that there is numerous species that are endangered and becoming extinct? One terrestrial mammal that is experiencing threats to their extinction are lemurs, this jeopardized spices' is most common in our zoos today then in the wildlife. African islands including Madagascar is their natural habitat, and studies demonstrate that is their only home in the world because the geographical location is isolated. There are different kinds of lemurs and some of the most common ones that we know today are: the ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) , silky sifaka, mouse lemurs. The scientific name for lemurs is “Lemuroidea”. This species has a lifespan of 16 to 19 years also. Lemurs are prosimians, a group of primates, you can identify these mammals because they have forward facing eyes, hand…show more content…
Lemurs fur color range from red to black and their magnitude ranges from the size of a mouse comparison to a big cat and their weight is about five pounds. These herbivores hobby by swinging above in the trees rather than, traveling on the ground. Although, only the ring-tailed lemurs like to explore the ground. Their hands have digits and a superior grip that helps them ingest food, swing from tree to tree, and helps babies hold onto their mom's hair. Lemurs have great climbing skills and the claw behind each foot helps support their adventurous climbing skills. Additionally, Lemurs long and fluffy tails help them balance and communicate with their pack. Aside from that, recent articles show that the lemur population is decreasing quickly , plant life is affected by their extinction, and there could be a solution to prevent lemur extinction. The famous ring tailed lemurs on the island of Madagascar are disappearing. One recent study by

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