The Importance Of Liberal Democracy

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In By way of an introduction, Fukuyama begins by discussing the emergence of liberal democracy. He believe that the emergence of liberal democracy was only received a consensus concerning legitimacy due to the fact that liberal democracy conquered rival ideologies; most recently communism, but fascism and monarchism as well (Fukuyama. F.1992.p1). Furthermore, Fukuyama stated in his article that he believed that a liberal democracy was the final plug in humankind’s ideological progression due to the fact that it is free from internal contradictions.

The development of the human race is based on evolution, the same way liberal democracy is; human society has evolved from a once simple tribal based system, all the way through to liberal democracy and technologically driven capitalism. Fukuyama states that although evolution did not occur on a straight line, it’s easy to access whether progress has actually influenced modern man’s happiness (Fukuyama. F.1992.p2). However, Marx and Hegel on the other hand believe human society development is not open ended and therefore, would only end when mankind found a from of society that is most beneficial for humankind; satisfaction of the most fundamental and deepest of longings, not necessarily material needs but rather the fact no further ideological development would occur as all disputes would be settled.

Fukuyama poses the question whether, at the end of the twentieth century humankind will be so interlinked that progression of

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