Liberal Feminist Analysis

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Jagger’s (1993) basic philosophy of women’s liberation and equality is followed by liberal feminism today. Liberal feminists maintain that women do not enjoy rights equally as men do that, accept the basic structure of society as it exists today. Wollstonecraft considers that since women’s inferiority is structured on her intellect and anatomy, it is unjust and incorrect. It is based on the inequalities found in the informal and formal laws as well as the inferior education women receive. Of primary concern to liberal feminists is the modification and the more of pre-existing social value. The primary concern of Liberal Feminism has provided equal and similar opportunities to women and men in the field of education (Daraz, 2012; Naz, 2011).…show more content…
In such an environment will be institutions are male-driven and the laws are interpreted time, women are the inferior and supporting to men. Liberal Feminists argue that due to the male oriented biased social setup, women are discriminated in all aspects of social life, such as inequitable scales in job markets and with getting women into positions of authority in the professions, government, and cultural institutions. Decisions regarding women’s empowerment and even their political affiliations are made by men. Women are deprived from contesting elections, casting their vote for enjoying their formal and legal entitlements (Lorber, 1997).The philosophy of Liberalism provides a technique for introducing change that may enable women to achieve equality with their male counterparts this is a productive approach in Baloch…show more content…
Qualitative approach is more conducive when detailed analyses of the substance or quality of human experience and descriptions are required (Marvasti, 2003). It ensures an exhaustive understanding of the topic of research. This is especially so when an interview has been scheduled to obtain an in-depth explanation of the topic of research, especially where women are neither educated nor empowered. Snowball (chain referral) method of sampling was adopted to select the interviewees. This method of sampling is particularly useful when a sensitive issue is being analysed. These issues could be matters that are usually considered private. Interviewees were selected by referrals from among people who were knowledgeable about the topic and knew others who could be useful for this research (Biernacki & Waldorf, 1981).The roles played by cultural and social contexts in all aspects of research such as formulating the research questions, data collection, writing and reporting the findings, are of interest to qualitative researchers (Bamberger, 1999 cited in Marvasti,
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