Life Coaching Benefits

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Life coaching has become increasingly popular over the last ten years as people have realized mental health is just as, or more important than physical health. Not only has it become popular, it has recently found its way into healthcare by “applying new ways of engaging the patients and making them accountable for their health” (Ammentorp). Having a knowledgeable, educated person who can be there to assist those going through difficult times is one of the most rewarding jobs in todays world. Life coaching is based upon the cognitive behavioral approach and is used to help give people guidance and overcome obstacles they face within their own limiting thoughts. Life coaching is quickly becoming the preferred choice of many who are open to seeking…show more content…
For example, in life coaching, it is necessary to draw on insights from multiple disciplines in order to produce a more comprehensive understanding of the causes for these feelings and/or actions that the client is illuminating. One of the most common forms of life coaching happens to be coaching people with food insecurities or eating disorders. In order to understand all the individual disciplines as to why this particular person has an altered image of food, either not eating enough, or over indulging, it’s important to keep an open mind and really take in the entire picture. Maybe this person had control issues growing up and feels that they can only control their food intake? Maybe this person has severe insecurity issues and obsesses about food because they want to look a certain way? Maybe this person over indulges on a certain food or meal that they shared with a loved one who has passed, and this serves them a comfort? All or none of these could be the scenario, but allowing yourself to distinguish every and all of the disciplines are extremely important in the life coaching
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