The Importance Of Life In Alden Nowlan's The Glass Rose

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In the vagaries of life, everyone encounters various constraints and adversities. It is vital for individuals to consider and balance the influences of these factors toward their life. Although utilizing suggestions and comprehending the experiences may help individuals to have improvement or enhancement, it is critical for them to be conscious about their own perspective. Occasionally, people allow the external voices to overcome their own attempts, and this will eventually undermine their personal characteristics. In Alden Nowlan’s works, the Glass Rose, the character Stephen comes across with several collisions simultaneously. He encounters the external issue of physically disparity with the people that he get along with, and the internal conflicts between being a man with the characteristic that his father modeled for him or being a unique…show more content…
Through the communication with his father and the friendship that he developed with Leka, he realizes that his life is in his own hands and he should not allow any factors to overcome or even undermine himself. At the beginning, he thought if he embraces all the “ standard ideas” that are held by his father, he will feel appreciative and pleasant. However, it is totally in an adverse consequence. In virtue of the behavior that he wakes “ the Polack” from the nightmares, it discloses his bravery of withstanding his father’s extreme theory and his rationally to balance the influences that are imposed by others ( from his father, the pulp mill men, Leka). According to the transformation of Stephen, the writer affirmed his idea that no matter how huge or how compelled the situation is, individuals are the sole persons that can alter their lives. Besides, he declared that people should adjust the effects forced on them, instead of tolerating them to alter

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