The Importance Of Life In Aristotle's Mind And Soul

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The important in Aristotle life is the mind and soul is the first intelechy of the body because it is main course ‘cause and principle’ of the body, the realization of the body. So can might put it like this , “The mind is the purposeful functioning of the nervous system. In this topic quiet different strand in the fabric of Aristotle skill thinking, and supplements what we can learn about him from his will. In addition, the good things that what we enjoy is Aristotle like to care wealth and health because have no value if our soul is not good. By experiencing the same emotion of audience is sort of ‘cleansing of the soul’ can through communication of emotion in the work of art. Just the soul is superior to the body, so is the rational part of the soul superior to the irrational part. Philosophy is good in itself because it good for what they can bring us, but others are good in themselves. The fact that it is worthwhile without bringing us anything extra means that it is one of the very highest good in soul not that it is useless. Clearly, the exhortation to philosophy was a passionate argument for dedicating one’s life to philosophy…show more content…
Thus, his also pretty much invented modern logic and expect for its symbolic form, it is essentially the same today. So in art, Aristotle have theory of carthasis. Carthasis means purification and purgation of people emotions especially pity and fear in the art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration important by expressing it in an art form. Let’s begin with metaphysics because Aristotle suggest that the ideal found inside and the phenomena or universal inside the particular. It is originally used by Aristotle in the poetics and comparing of effect as a carthartic on body. The word ‘kartharsis’ is used in two relevant on Greek contexts in medical text it refers to purgation in a religious context it refers to
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