The Importance Of Life In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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According to John Rohn “Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by choice.” Life does not just get better, there must be changes. Each day people make choices in order to better their life. In Anthem, this never happens because the Council makes choices for everyone. When Equality 7-2521 is punished he is banished from the society and experiences what it is like to be an individual. This leads to the happiest moment of his life. Ayn Rand’s novel Anthem teaches the reader about the lack of individuality, freedom, and love on the character’s lives.
Being an individual means making decisions and having an opinion. Part of being an individual is being able to prefer one thing over another. Everyday, many choices are made, but
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In the society “men are forbidden to take notice of women and women are forbidden to take notice of men. But we think of one among women, they whose name is Liberty 5-3000, and we think of no others” (38). Equality sees Liberty for the first time and calls her the Golden One. This is a sin because Equality likes Liberty more then everyone else, and men are not supposed to notice women. He is willing to commit many transgressions, which reveals how strong his feelings are for her. One day, Equality gets exiled from society after creating electricity on his own. He goes to the Uncharted Forest, and the Golden One follows him, showing him that she loves him. At first, she is unable to say that she loves Equality because no one knows of the word “I”. After Equality learns about the word through reading books, he tells Liberty and they are finally able to express their love to each other. The lack of love in the society does not allow people to be happy. Getting married is often considered one of the best and happiest days of a person’s life. This great moment will never happen for the people who live in this society because they are not allowed to love someone. Once Equality and Liberty leave society, they find a house that makes them happiest they have ever been and they say “we shall never leave this house nor let it be taken from us” (91). They plan on living in the house for the rest of their life and starting a family. They are finally able to love each other and enjoy their lives, unlike the rest of
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