The Importance Of Life In Everyday Life

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Living in a modern and yet ordinary lifestyle, an advancement in technology has definitely taken place. However, our lives are far more different than Spooner’s and his way of living is extravagantly different than ours. Although Spooner’s high technology based life has its perks, it also has its disadvantages. In Spooner’s lifestyle, there three main technology advancements that take place in his life, which are robots, advanced gadgets, holograms. Holograms allow me to stay connected with people in a more spontaneous way. On the assumption that I were to live in this cutting-edge community, my daily life would being heavily impacted in several ways. The true reality is that our future may be primarily filled with robots, that are programmed in a certain way, which gives them the ability to have human-like characteristics. If I…show more content…
The ability to stay connected with your friends through holograms is something that will change my life allowing me to send and receive messages almost as if we were there in person. Spooner was able to play back videos from Dr. Lanning through holograms even after he had passed. While the hologram was being played it gave the effect of Spooner speaking with Lanning as if he were physically there in person. This device also saves the remains of a person and helps cherish life lasting memories of a human being. Holograms will modify my future as it gives me a whole new world of communication. I am a very social person that loves chatting with friends and family all around the world, therefore this wonderful machine allows me to do this in a realistic perspective. All in all, being able to communicate in more effective ways with your family and friends leaves a whole new perspective on technology. As these advancements continue to occur we can only wonder how our future lives will
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