What Is Survival Persuasive Essay

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We all have reasons to live because we love our family; we have our own vision, dreams, and motivations. As Frankl’s said a man’s inner strength can be guided to him through future goals. We have an obligation to survive. Helping others is a huge part of the psychological survival of a person; the need to be loved and cared for. The fact that we surround ourselves with people who motivate and push us to do great is seen through our vision and dreams because it’s what we want out of life. Everyone suffers at some point in their life. The key is not to try to distance it but bring it to our advantage in order to change ourselves. Suffrage is something we all face, we just have to accept it and learn to cope with it so that we learn from it and improve ourselves. The idea of humans being “worthy of their suffering” is like walking on fire. The believe that in the end after one has gone through suffering that they are now finally free, valuable, and cleaner. It’s not about how much we suffer, or how terribly we suffer. It’s about how to make that suffrage change us for the better. We can take all the negative aspects of one’s own life and change them in a way that makes these tribulations affect our lives in…show more content…
Accepting whatever a person faces as a gift helps decrease suffering. Finding meaning in life is through doing some useful things such as volunteering and showing love for others. Courage and dignity are important when it comes to psychological survival. One key idea from the film is to care for people who also care for us as well. Salvation of man is through love; and strength is found through love and loved ones in life. Showing interest in many things and not waiting last minute to get things done is all part of psychological survival. The most important idea in the film is helping others makes humans better people. It’s the idea to “better man” that is an important part of helping
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