My Best Friend Film Analysis

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High school is a strange place to be normally you are at a point in which you could see yourself just drifting away from other influences or people. What if you just stay there and make the minimal effort to pass by. Go unnotice, but be there an have an excuse ready to avoid confrontation. Believing the quote that you are born alone, die alone and everything else is an illusion, George doesn 't see the point of life, school, or homework. Then he meets Sally and he now has a reason to go to school and make friends, even if he 's not ready to admit to himself or to her that he likes her. The school 's principal and art teacher introduce him to an alumni, and successful artist, Dustin, who can help guide George along life 's path, but other distractions start surfacing, and George might not even be able to graduate from high school.

The movie is about being afraid to commit to life 's. Philosophy There is no need to do anything as the move would move forward without you even participating. People around you will always be there to let you get by and support you, even when you are not there mentally. The protagonist of the st0ry does that he lets life pass by him and he is just an expectator
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His father and aunt (Eric and Julia Roberts) have made hundreds of movies and have been nominated for countless awards. For this young actress the pressure is on as far as trying to accomplish what is expected from her since her family has shown to be good on the silver screen. Her role of Sally the party girl that finds George attractive is an okay role. She does not go beyond what is expected from her as far as saying that the character really goes into some deep problems that would add meat to her performance. It does feel as any romantic lead that we have seen before. The problem is that her character does not match the emotional distress that his counterpart is having making her a bit
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