The Importance Of Life In High School

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The choices you make when your in high school, greatly impact you by your annual salary, where you’ll be living or what you can do for your children. Also, living conditions in 10 years for you will, either have good health and good insurance or bad health.. If you want the fast track to being a fireman, you need to take the right classes while in high school that directly correlate to career interests. Selecting the right college could be important, you want to look at the tuition and the value of the education. Then finding the right location to look for a job, you need to find a place that has openings, they understand how much experience you have and what your skills are. High school was just as important, and the choices you make in this time period will make you the man or woman you are going to become in ten years. First, to find classes, while a freshman you can ask upperclassmen what classes would be available and how to enroll in those. Also, it is entirely up to you to do well in those classes or chose to do poorly. Nolan Brill said, “If you want to be successful in life, you have to be successful in high school.” When I was in high school I would try to be as nice to my teachers as I could, I saw a video on Kake News that talked about how it was statistically proven to be nice to teachers rather than ignore her or him. So my advice for you while your in highschool is to, want to learn and be interactive in studies. If you want to learn and become financially

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