The Importance Of Life In Medieval Times

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Life in Medieval Times Life in the Middle Ages was nothing like today. Streets were crowded and lined with waste and garbage. Diseases such as the measles, scarlet fever, cholera, small pox, and bubonic plague, the disease nicknamed the Black Death, were common and had few cures. Medieval doctors believed that “bloodletting”, a technique used by doctors that included applying leeches to the skin or cutting veins, would help to cure any disease by balancing the body and spirit. Magical beads, prayer and medicines made of herbs were also used to treat the sick but were proven ineffective. Due to the poor medical advancements at that time, “about half of all children died before they became adults,” (History Alive, 45). Furthermore, housing and living conditions were atrocious. Homes were narrow wooden structures built of wood and approximately four-stories high. These…show more content…
Windows were made of oiled parchment and let in only fragments of light. Not only were homes uncomfortable and deadly diseases common, but the legal system was unjust. When a subject was incriminated, they could be found guilty or innocent by trial by ordeal or trial by combat. In trial by ordeal, “the accused had to pass a dangerous test,” (history Alive, 47). A common test, was throwing the accused in a well. The result of this action proved the accused innocent or guilty. For example, a man was accused of stealing; he was thrown in a well. He floated and was declared guilty. However, if he drowned, he would have been declared innocent. Either way, he would have lost his life, even if he was innocent. During trial by combat, the accused fought for freedom. It was thought that God would have the innocent person win. For worse crimes, people were put in stocks or executed. All in all, the Middle Ages were a painful and filthy period of time overrun with diseases and waste. People lived in homes that today, would most likely be a health inspector’s nightmare. Worst of
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