The Importance Of Life In My Life

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All the time you hear people say "seize the day", "live in the now", "don 't take anything for granted," but until something actually happens in your life you never really understand what that means. My Grandpa had been taken from me and I couldn 't do anything to change it. Eventually after a long 3 weeks, he finally came home, but during those 3 weeks my family and I learned some of the most important lessons. We have learned to live in the present and not take so much for granted.

The night that I learned my grandpa was sick was on a game night. I had gone with the girls basketball team to their game. We had won the game and had just let everybody off the bus at the elementary school. The only people left on the bus were Cole Palmer, Steve Bell, Tulio Ungario, Michaela Dewyer, and myself. I had just texted my mom and told her that we were on our way to the high school. I was talking to Cole when my mom had texted me back. "Message grandma. I have to leave with dad (grandpa in hospital). Blood pressure," was all the information I got. Instantly I froze. I just sat in the seat and had no idea what to do. I asked Cole to use his phone because I needed to figure out what was going on. My mom had just laid a bombshell on me and expected me to be fine. I was not. I called my mom and was told that his blood pressure was just high and he should be fine. For the next few hours I worried. I felt helpless. I wanted to be with him so bad, but I couldn 't. In comparison to the rest

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