The Importance Of Life In My Life

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At some point in a man’s life he is faced with a question: what kind of man will you be? The event that triggers this question comes in many different ways, but for me it came in tragic and disheartening way. Like a train crash, my life was impacted and set into chaos so quickly that it took me longer to recover than I wish it had. Pain, confusion, anger, distress, surrender, these emotions filled my mind for almost a year until I decided to put an end to it, and final decide to answer the question.
As a child I was very cheerful. In an attempt to get everyone to like me, I abandoned senses of shame and grief to be able to better enjoy life and make happy the people around me. I was content living as I was; content with living in a world where everything revolved around my life. I was happy living in a world where nothing else mattered; in a world outside of reality. However, like most adults can tell you, this way of life is more difficult to live than it sounds. For most it is impossible, because at some point reality will set in and you will have to open your eyes to the real world. Voluntarily, only for most. As I ran through my life without a care in the world, in the world rose a new conflict: sexuality. This conflict was often times seen, at the time, as a problem that arose later in a persons life, but this was not true.
In my middle school years I was considered a class clown. Not normal, but not different enough to stand out. Such was not the way for a young boy in
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