The Importance Of Life In The Glass Castle

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Everyone throughout their lives has gone through difficult phases in which have helped them see the world in a different way. For example, people have become better after getting past obstacles, they are able to prepare themselves for what’s to come later in life, and they are able to become successful in life. At some point in life, every person has though tab our giving up due to circumstances that have been concurring frequently during a period of time; therefore, people think that there are no good things in life left. For example, when my mother was younger she had to live with my grandfather’s cousin because my grandparents were moving up north for the season and they did not want my mother to make their trip more difficult than what it would…show more content…
For example, in the novel, The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls and her family lived in poverty their whole lives; even then, Jeannette and her siblings had a hard time with their parents since they were not really there for them. Consequently, Jeannette had a desire that was big enough to get her to become a better person although her life was a disaster, so she set her father’s dream of building a glass castle with him in order to become a successful person far away from home. The effects of this are that once her parents saw she was a successful person despite living in the harshest situations with them while running away from the government at all times, they wanted their daughter to care for them although they had never provided for her or her siblings; as a result, she had denied her parents from ever being with her and ever showing up where she would be due to their differences. To conclude, Jeannette became a successful person in New York while her parents lived the life as they always
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