The Importance Of Life In Venezuela

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Augustine of Hippo, an insightful bishop and philosopher from the African Province of the Roman Empire once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” When learning more about other countries, familiar or not, you can learn about life, love, history, and many other necessary feelings/functions in life. While researching Venezuela not only was I intrigued by their history and breathtaking attractions, but by their rich culture. Life in Venezuela may not be the greatest, but no country can guarantee that. However, by looking at the background information, geography, history and culture make this country special in its own way. All of the amazing aspects of this Hispanic country make this a “page” worth reading.
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Similar to many other Latin countries, Venezuela is mainly a catholic country with 96 percent of their people identifying as such (with 2 percent being protestant & 2 percent being other various religions). Another common trait Venezuela shares with other Hispanic countries is the official language being Spanish and having many other indigenous languages spoken throughout the country. The more exciting parts of their culture are involving their celebratory traditions. The food that is typically found all of this country is Arepa and Hallaca, these dishes are “corn pockets” and tamales stuffed with various other foods to fit each individuals liking. Another popular celebratory custom is their national dance, Joropo. This dance is a musical and dance style resembling the fandango with African, European, and Native South American influences originated from Los Llanos in Venezuela and Colombia. This dance along with the food I mentioned can be found at the many carnivals they have throughout the year to celebrate many different things. Venezuela may not be the best place to be, but they sure know how to have some
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