Why I Hate School

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Did you ever have a class between kindergarten and high school graduation that taught you how to handle money or how to find a job? Most of the high schools in the United States are not preparing the students for their future. The school curriculum mainly focuses on teaching students traditional subjects. However, along with teaching students traditional subjects, schools should prepare students for adult life. Many people in the society assume that students are already learning these life skills from their parents. But, depending on a child’s circumstances that is not always the case. As a result, school is the best place for students to learn basic life skills to make sure that everyone has essential life skills to thrive in their future.…show more content…
If society starts to think about the education system of the United States, they will come to the conclusion that the use of thousands of math equations are not necessary for life. In real life, when a person goes to a job interview, the interviewer does not ask him/her to say all the math formulas he/she used in high school, rather they ask what are some special skills within that person that makes him/her stand out? High school judges the ability of a student based on how they do on their traditional subjects. In the video, “Why I Hate School, But Love Education, the poet says, “as long as you follow the rules and pass the exams your cool” (Breaks). Passing an exam does not allow a student to gain life skills that are needed to become successful in every step of life. Breaks also explains how one can achieve success in life without going to school. For example, Malcolm X dropped out of school and he is “world renowned for what he learn in a prison” (Breaks). Malcolm X was able to gain the popularity because he was thought life skills at the prison. He did not learn math, science and other traditional subjects in the prison. Yet, he was a successful man since he gained knowledge about life
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