The Importance Of Life Without Memory

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How life could be without memory? Memory plays an important role in our life because we can learn new things and storage them or we can share bad or good memories that we have. According to Matling, memory is the process of maintaining information over time, so to maintain this information we have to know and learn different information thar we know about memory. First, there are differents types of memories. Then, the characteristics of memory, with the term characteristics we are referring to the complex and also the part of the brain that keeps memories. Finally, how memories are formed. In order to remember a memory is necessary that memories have to pass from different stages. Body. It is an interesting fact how our brain works and how much information it can take, but have you ever thought how does it saves our most cherished thoughts. To begin…show more content…
We remember our thoughts greater than it really happened, and with this we can start lieing without even noticing about it. Inside our brains we have a part of it with a shape of a seahorse which is called “Hippocampus” and this is the part that plays a crucial role in deciding which events are really worth saving as a long term memory in fact it takes a year or more for a newborn baby´s hippocampus to fully develop.When our hippocampus retains an event, it takes perceptions from our short term memory and stores them in different parts of our brains. Each time we remember an event, an electrical pulse reconnects these separate perceptions, creating a memory. Our memory is recreated each time we recall

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