The Importance Of Lifeguards

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Why are some people so intrigued by vigorous, thrilling activities while others avoid or ignore the same situation completely? How is it that the same horror movie can be enjoyable to one person and torture to another? Do these people obtain a different thought process than others? While everyone thinks uniquely, not one person can be accountable for anyone else’s decisions. I strongly believe each and everyone should be accountable for their actions. Everyday, thousands of faultless people risk their life to save another. It’s only human to make mistakes. When taking on treacherous tasks, it’s likely to make a wrong move and get caught in a tough situation once and awhile. That’s why we have firefighters, lifeguards, coast guards, the U.S.…show more content…
Sadly, 136,053 of that 2 million was caused by unintentional accidents! Are we as a country just going to sit here and watch the numbers increase? Life-or-Death situations can spring up at any moment in time. Why not stay prepared? Motivate and teach the present and generations to come on how to be ready for the unknown. As said previously, if hundreds of millions are being spent on search and rescue when it could be going towards something more important, why doesn’t the government introduce new laws to prevent some of the many life-or-death situations happening all around us? Making it so no one is able to choose a route of disaster. In the last century, the knowledge of human development and learning has rapidly increased. It is now known that babies are beginning to learn even before they are born. When a child is born, he/she comes with a brain set and anxious to learn. Much like a new computer, the brain has high potential for development. Early experiences greatly influence the way a person develops. On the other hand, turning on the television or simply listening to the radio might influence the child 's brain to be intrigued or inspired by this information given to them. Limit the access to videos on the internet or tv. For example, television shows like “Ridiculousness” and “America’s funniest home Videos” illustrate dangerous events that may lead to curiosity and trying it for themselves. Everyday, millions of people turn on their television each morning to track the daily tragedy on the news. And after several centuries, we still sit back and just watch millions of people annually getting severely
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