Dependency In Homeless Countries

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Everynight over half a million Americans will fall asleep without a home, they are homeless in one of the richest countries on the planet. Capitalist countries naturally have an imbalance of wealth and thus the citizens of these countries often face the moral conundrum of charity and humanitarian aid. In many smaller cultures the dependency of the few is the burden of many however when discussing large nations and the suffering of hundreds of thousands one must consider factors such as population capacity, resource management and long term dependency. When such factors are considered it becomes much harder to maintain a from each according to his ability and to each according to his need system. Large nations cannot bear the burden of homeless,…show more content…
When the number of dependents increases one of two actions must occur in order for the economy to remain balanced and safe, either the number of working citizens must increase or the productivity of those citizens must increase. In the case of homeless people, who most often have no close connections to working citizens, neither of these actions can or will occur to compensate for their burden. If dependents are cared for by the governments of these economies the governments must pay the bill by increasing taxes or changing the national budget and in many cases these options are incredibly difficult to see through, if not technically impossible. The government may be able to budget for a certain amount of aid for the homeless and poor however this aid will enact the feral cat behavior, attracting people who seek to be dependent because it is now easier than being a productive citizen. More people using this aid means less for those who really need it and after some time will spread the resources so thin the only options will be to increase the resources or let them run…show more content…
Hardin states in Lifeboat Ethics that the poor must learn from their mistakes in order to succeed in the long term and that while those mistakes may cause much suffering to an individual it is a justifiable sacrifice in teaching others to not follow such a path. Perhaps the best way to help the poor and homeless is not to help them out of the hole and leave them in a field of pit traps, but to give them a map of the field and let them find a way out. Using this analogy it is important to understand the holes these people fall into are almost always in soft dirt, easily climbed out of with a little education and ingenuity. The concept is not to leave people to suffer but to educate them on how to help themselves, how to maintain a job, to manage money, to be a successful individual. Society has to have a shift in thinking, we must not believe it is our responsibility as a society to bear the burden of personal
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