The Importance Of Lifestyle Health

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The term lifestyle can be used to denote different things such as opinions, interests, behavioral orientations, and behaviors of an individual, group or culture. Lifestyle becomes a health concern when people develop health complications out of what they do and how they live. Currently, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of chronic illness among young people and the elderly such diabetes, hypertension and heart disease due to their lifestyle. Lifestyle health plans should be addressed to employees and families about the prevalence of chronic illness and lifestyle issues to help control health care costs. Heart disease is a health issue that can occur at any point and it’s mainly due to a person’s lifestyle. This disease…show more content…
On the hand drug abuse or substance abuse is a disorder that is characterized by a destructive pattern that are likely to cause distress or problems to an individual’s health. There are different types of drugs that are likely to compromise an individual’s health when taken. People have abused drugs such narcotics that are usually prescribed for very severe pain and they end up being addicted. Abuse of marijuana and alcohol has become so common. Use of marijuana increases the risk of developing conditions such as bronchitis, blood pressure, increased heart rate and it is likely to cause a slight decline in the immune system function. Marijuana smoking contains carcinogens that contribute to lung cancer. People that excessively use marijuana are likely to develop dependence or addiction to the drug due to the increased tolerance to the drug, impaired control and continued use despite the physical and physiological problems it causes. It has also been associated with impairment in the short term memory and attention. Although alcohol is legal, it is a toxic substance and causes some health implications especially when taken by pregnant mothers. Consumption of alcohol causes addictions that are likely to have devastating effects on an individual’s physical health and as well as his inability to function interpersonally and at work. Women…show more content…
Stress is that mental or emotional strain that results from very demanding circumstances. When stress is too much, it becomes a health concern and may cause pain to an individual. How we cope with demands and day to day activities determines our key to experiencing stress. In some cases, so much stress may end up being chronic pain. Chronic pain is an emotional condition tends a physical sensation that affects one’s emotions moods and behavior. Pain and depression are reflected in the circuitry of the nervous system. Both pain and emotions use the same brain pathways, hence psychological processes may contribute to the development or the persistence of pain. It also causes an individual to feel fatigued, irritable for no good reason and unable to concentrate. Stress can be caused by both good and bad experiences. If an individual is suffering from the extreme or long-term stress they are likely to wear out but small amounts of stress or short term can be positive. In small amounts, stress helps you to meet the daily challenges and gives you the motivation to meet daily goals and accomplish tasks more efficiently. Stress is also positive when you are in danger because it acts as a warning sign hence producing the fight-and-flight response. Positive stress gives you extra energy to perform at best level especially in activities such as interview, test or important job presentation, (Lovallo,

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