The Importance Of Light In The Anime

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I would say am a lot like Light Yagami from Death Note, because he is a very complex character that the viewer ethir connects with or despises. In the Anime he is given a notebook with the ability to end life; whoever’s name written in the notebook will die. The story makes the viewers choose whether Light is to be the protagonist or the antagonist. Just like that, people who known me for a long time see me differently from people who have recently met met. Light could be either understood as evil, as he now acts as an executor for people who are in jail for whatever reason. For me this would my dark sense of humor, and attitude towards a certain thing being observed by someone new, to them i may seen creepy, scary, and weird. If it were someone…show more content…
In the story Light logically thinks and decides to kill all the villains in order to make the world more pleasant. Like Light I think logically, my understanding is, if something is bad, getting rid of it would mean it’s good. Of course that doesn 't mean it applies to everything, which is where Light’s emotional factor also applies to me. In the story one of lights obstacle is his father who works for the police. This is where light gets his humanity, without a second doubt Light wouldn’t kill his father ( neither would I), This proves that light has emotions and is not willing to kill someone close to him even though logically it would make sense to get rid of obstacles to achieve a goal. That might be an extreme example, but to the character of Light and the overall story, it would pan out. Other ways i am like Light is his intelligence, as he is a brilliant character. I might not be as smart as him, but I have a very sharp mind. Light is also not very religious, but has some religious affiliation just like me. Overall light is logical, smart, and has a unique way of viewing the world 's problem,which is similar to
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