The Importance Of Lines In Romeo And Juliet

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In a story one one line can affect the entire outcome of the story. The characters in Romeo and Juliet use very moving language to either show their love for someone or to warn them for the dangers ahead. Certain lines are used to emphasize something important. These are not always a direct explanation, it can be an indirect explanation when the character is trying to emphasize and make a point without directly saying it. The author of the story uses powerful lines like these to get the reader thinking and more invested and involved in the story. Powerful lines are a big reason of why this story was such a success and why people could relate or understand the motive and thought process of every character in the story. The character Friar Lawrence is a very wise, commanding, and friendly character. The Friar plays a big role…show more content…
Tybalt is a very charismatic and prideful capulet that enjoys a good rivalry and fight and cares about his family 's honor more than anything. Tybalt is very insulted when Romeo a montague arrives at a capulet party and swears his revenge. When Tybalt finds Romeo and says “Romeo, the hate I bear thee can afford, No better term than this: thou art a villain.” ( ) he is saying that what he has done is unforgivable and the only thing proper to call him is a villain. Even though he insults Romeo with this Romeo does not retaliate even though everyone expected him to. The reason for Romeo 's restrain is because he had just gotten married to Juliet so he was now related to Tybalt. Nobody knew of the marriage between these two so they had no idea why Romeo, Tybalt’s hated enemy would act kind and courteous to his as if they were good friends. This statement was meant to be an insult which would lead to a duel between the two but because it did not work he went on to insult mercutio which lead to a duel and mercutio 's
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