The Importance Of Listening And Speaking Skills

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English language learning Listening and speaking the very basic and important skill is consistently interrelated with other skills reading and writing. In the language teaching listening and speaking skills are posses significant role. The challenges towards teaching listening and speaking skills are now better understanding because of the new strategies contributing to effective listening and speaking moreover the widespread availability of technology supports the language learners in enhancing their listening and speaking skills. This paper lights with the prime importance of listening and speaking in language acquisition.
KEYWORDS: Listening, speaking, Learning, Language skills, teaching skill.
Language is great possession of human being. Man can use language as a tool to communicative purposes. It helps to share their ideas thoughts feelings emotions etc. by using symbols and sounds. “Man has been using language as tool of communication for centuries. It has enabled him to interact with the environment and to regulate his social behaviour ” (Krishna mohan & Meera banerji, 1990). “In the word ‘communication’ is derived from the Latin term ‘Communicare’ or ‘Communico’, both of which mean ‘to share’. But communication is not merely transmission of meaning from one person to another through symbols” (Krishna Mohan & Meera Banerji, 1990).
“We have two ears and only one tongue in order that we may hear more and

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