The Importance Of Listening In The Auto Shop

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Without listening there would not be communication. Chaos would ensue. Think about that the next time you speak to someone and don’t pay attention, by virtue of listening shall always be important. Whenever one doesn’t believe they know how to listen follow these listening styles. First, relational listening is the listening style of any individual that is most concerned with emotionally connecting with others in a conversation. In other words, you say phrases such as, “I know how you feel,” and “same.” In the automotive shop, if I came across a gentleman with a car that would not cooperate, then I would want to put his stress to ease. All I need to do is inform him that we all have driven a stubborn vehicle at one time or another. Sadly, this style won’t work when talking to a supervisor. Instead of paying attention to his or her instructions…show more content…
These individuals listen and gather information and tend to think carefully about what he or she hears, thus suspending judgment. Therefore, the individual ensures he or she pays attention to what is being said before any assumptions are made. This listening style would be most effective in the auto shop because analytical listeners have to break down what needs to be done systematically. A technician must listen carefully to the customer needs and systematically assess the situation before making judgment. On the other hand, analytical listeners in the auto shop could be detrimental due to the fact that he or she often give non-verbal cues. Since analytical listeners are often time-oriented, these individuals could be misconceived as impatient as he or she may glance at a clock quite often. Facial expressions and other body language could also indicate impatience whether intentional or not. Ultimately, analytical listeners get to the bottom quickly and thus would be useful in the auto repair
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