The Importance Of Communication In Children

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Communication is an essential part of life and is impossible to avoid, even when not speaking a word. Furthermore, it is a dynamic process of transactions between sender and receiver, that must navigate many barriers to correct interpretation (Beebe, Beebe & Redmond 2014). One potential barrier is the limited understanding of how communication dynamics can be affected by the audience of the message being sent. It is the position throughout this essay that for the effectiveness of communication it is important to understand it in the context of the audience. Two specific groups will be used to discuss this topic, children and organisations. In the context of children, the discussion will include active listening, play therapy and cultural influences. …show more content…

However, for this to be effective it is important to understand the correct way to approach this method. Play therapy is a nondirective approach that involves the use of toys and other play related materials to facilitate a child’s verbal and nonverbal communication, as young children lack the skills necessary for emotional expression (Muro et al. 2017). Furthermore, it is an intervention that is supported empirically to address numerous issues children have to face (Trice-Black, Bailey & Riechel 2013). Moreover, evidence in a study conducted by Stulmaker and Ray (2015) shows that play therapy resulted in reduced stress for anxiety prone children. It is important to be mindful of the child’s independence and sense of self, by offering options and encouragement rather than requests or assistance, as this will just result in the child being frustrated and discouraged from communication (Deering & Cody 2002). However, when done right, play therapy offers children a way to explore problems and feelings in a language they understand and in a situation which provides the most comfort (Muro et al. 2017). Additionally, it also allows an adult a window into the child’s world where they can see exactly what is on the child’s mind (Deering & Cody 2002). Therefore, it is only through the proper understanding of play therapy, that this strategy can be effectively …show more content…

EMC is any communication that uses a medium like the internet or a smartphone, which bypasses the need for face-to-face interactions (Beebe, Beebe & Redmond 2014). Moreover, this technology is an easy way for people to listen and respond to others, share information and make and keep social connections (Beebe, Beebe & Redmond 2014). However, this form of communication can sometimes have adverse effects, like misunderstandings, as body language and facial expressions are useful to determine a person’s intentions, motivations and feelings (Berk 2006). It is often over looked that a lack of relationship building within an organisation is due to a simple failure of managers and staff in getting to know one another (Berk 2006). Yet, the inclusion of regular team meetings provides a way to address any concerns employees may have, issues requiring immediate attention and averting future crises, as well as, promoting group bonding, communication and team work (Berk 2006). Nevertheless, EMC can also be beneficial to communication dynamics when understood and used appropriately. The proper use of EMC allows for a higher level of interactivity and facilitates the transfer of knowledge from a sender to a whole network of recipients (Marín, Betancurb & Aguilar 2016). Moreover, communication can flow more easily in both directions, allowing for feedback and a more open,

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