The Importance Of Literacy

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Literacy is one of many words in the English language that is not accurate in definition; rather it varies from person to person through cultural experiences, community, exposure, and even academic submersion. Literacy, or being “literate,” is a skill that people use constantly to perform daily tasks such as reading road signs, texting a friend or calling a family member on the phone for a few examples. Through my experiences, however, literacy is as a form of communication, writing, and reading. Each family creates traditions in their household, ranging from food traditions to holiday traditions. Some of these traditions include eating specific meals with corresponding days of the week, like Taco Tuesday, while others’ traditions could be eating brunch together every Sunday at a specific restaurant. Similarly to these, traditions are also in the literacy context. For example, when a mother or father figure instills acts such as reading a book before bedtime or having an A-B-C chart on the wall for each of their children to recognize letters and sounds, it begins to create a pattern or tradition. Because of this, each family’s literacy traditions will look a little different, just as they would for food or for holiday traditions, creating differences in homes and a uniqueness of literacy from person to person. Reflecting back to my childhood, the first memory of literacy I have is learning to write my full name in the print form. When I first began writing my name, my
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