The Importance Of Literature In Indian Literature

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Literature produced anywhere and at any time, does not exist in a vacuum. It becomes expressed in the context of people through the medium of a language. Besides, mental climate which gives rise to such an aesthetic expression evolves from an organic conditioned by the political realities, economic forces, social aspirations, and spiritual quests. The state of growth and sophistication of the society, as well as its degeneration and decay, become reflected in the milieu, and capsuled in the literature. It has always provided us glimpse of human life and its fullness in the thoughts and emotions, visions, ideals and follies. Literature is that imaginative recreation of human experience into an organized pattern for the purpose of representing, as in a mirror, actions of people living and expressing in an age in the socio-cultural milieu. A writer doing this exercise, is indeed portraying Indian life, Indian society as he sees it. The social reality and the human predicament, the prevalent literary traditions and social norms, the human isolation and confrontation with the…show more content…
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Earlier, this community was a close knit one and its functioning was largely in unison. But periodically, there have been great emotional upsurges, some strongly interwoven with spiritual elements, like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Vaishnavism, each with its myriad offshoots, flowering into its own aesthetic forms, including literature, for all these had been closely interlinked. Periodically, there have also been patriotic upsurges, all through our history, that have given birth to passionate outpouring, contributing to virile verses, song, dance and

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