The Importance Of Literature In Literature

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13 June 2015 - Introduction Literature is a complex subject which can be interpreted in many ways. In a college classroom setting, the professor can share his / her interpretation of the reading and it can clash with the interpretation of the students; sometimes the only difference between the two interpretations is experience. The professor gives an example from The Youngers that he believes shows that Mr. Linder is the Devil; this does not make sense to the students and the professor explains how he sees this relationship between the character and the Devil. He uses other novels that he has read as well as other references that show how the Devil makes deals in which he receives a soul. By using pattern matching between a novel and other books and stories, it allows for a more complex understanding of the story and its symbolic meanings. So, by practicing the analytical skills reading, the professor believes that anyone can interpret a story in the same fashion that he does. 14 June 2015 - Quests Seemingly small details or events can foreshadow a bigger event and can mean something more than what is written on paper. One of the examples that the professor gave was a quest; a quest starts with an ordinary event which causes the questor to go on a journey and accomplish (or try to accomplish) a bigger and better goal. For example, in the book The Footprints of God by Greg Iles, the main character David leaves his home to escape the government agents sent to kill him. He
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