The Importance Of Literature

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Keywords: Survival, Violence, Terrorism, Kashmir, Gujjars Literature is a creative and sensitive social mirror originating in the sensibilities and creativities of socially conscious writers. Concerns of literature have always been complex and diverse as it exhibits the complexity of human mind and diversity of human world. Literature looks at the ongoing social and cultural events through writer’s keen eyes. Understanding of social milieu provides the raw material; it is catalyzed throughthe creativity of a writer, and as a result a readable piece of writing is produced. While living in harmony, in a peaceful environment, writer produces a volume of literature which contains the fabric of diverse individual themes. In absence of some unifying bigger issues, writers compose their individual fantasies and concerns. This kind of literature lacks permanence. But history of mankind has rarely been so peaceful. Throughout our past, humanity has been continuously shattered through wars, epidemics, and calamities. Every eventful period of war or calamity has created a body of literature of its own. People in general get accustomed to happenings or recurrent natural calamities while scars of wars live for long in a writer’s mind. But there are long-lasting and ever-going wars throughout the world where human psyche almost crumble down and every native writer seems to recollect the same story. Afghanistan, Algeria, Vietnam, Gaza-Patti, Sudan, Syria, Iraq and Kashmir are among the
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