The Importance Of Literature

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Literature redefines life and it describes the life of people, their life style, and taste, the customs adopted with or without a reason and their ideas in written as well as in oral form. The creative imagination and thirst for conveying what is felt has motivated men to transform their ideas into words. As soon as a work is completed by the writer he exits and the work continues to exist by the commitment of the readers. The environment, the mind-set and the experiences of the readers offer multiple meaning to the same text. Hence all the texts written gain a drive whenever the texts are read and discussed. The readers either accept the ideas of the writer or contradict by giving life to the texts. Some works which are accepted as literature in one particular period are rejected in another age and vice versa. Literature carries the readers to a new world of experience.
Decoding the meaning in a literary text with the help of a literary device or a literary theory will take the reader to the next level of understanding. The readers get the privilege of incorporating their own experiences and thoughts and reach a new level of understanding which fill them with delight. The texts written not only give recreation to the readers but also educate them. The readers thoughts are elevated, their ideas are refined, their life style is re-modified and their outlook is widened by reading literature.
Various attempts have been made to define literature. Simon and Delyse Ryan begin
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