The Importance Of Literature Review

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Literature review can be defined as crucial resources to support the study in order to achieve objectives and needs of the study. In this study, researcher applies both primary and secondary data sources to find out all of information that the needs in this study. Literature review is important as it becomes a catalyst to the reader and it facilitates new idea that enhances writing. Besides, literature review provides some guidelines on how to carry out the research work. Finally, literature review act as cosmetics to one research. The presence of literature review illustrates wide reading by the researcher.

2.2 Conservation

Most of people interpret conservation as total protection or restriction in consumptive use of resources. The word conservation has been derived from the verb “to conserve” defined in the Webster dictionary as “to keep in a safe or sound state”. In other word conservation could be defined as a careful preservation and protection of something especially planned management of the natural resources to prevent exploitation, destruction or neglect. Prof H.M. Rose also defined conservation as “the optimum allocation of natural, human, and cultural resources in the scheme of national development, where by maximum economic and social security will be assured”.

Conservation also receive impetus from the social conscience awareness of an obligation to future generation is viewed differently according to one’s social and economic philosophy. In

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