The Importance Of Living Forever In Tuck Everlasting

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Every second every minute and every hour is very important in everybody's life if it is wasted you have wasted the time to do great things and without life or death you cannot do great things. Life is very important if you were to live forever there is no meaning of life for anything. When you do great things in life and live forever there is no point to do all those things if there is no end. Without death there is no meaning of life or no meaning to do anything at all. In the novel, Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt, Jesse Tuck, Miles Tuck, and Winnie Foster all develop their own opinions about whether or not it is a blessing or a curse to live forever. Throughout the narrative Miles thinks that living forever is a curse. Miles thinks he did the right thing by not letting his children drink the spring, he said, “The fewer people know about the spring, he says, the fewer there are to tell about it,” (pg. 84 babbitt) Miles is depressed about living forever. Miles drank the…show more content…
Miles thinks that living forever is a curse because if you live forever there is no point doing great things in life for no meaning. Jesse feels that living forever is an advantage to have neverending fun and more time to do as much as he wants as long as he wants. Winnie shows that she does not want to live forever because she thought if she did live forever then she would have eternal life and be immortal. You should not want to live forever if you had the chance to if you did chose to you would regret it. You will live forever while everybody you know is dying being proud of what they have done so far. If you live forever there will have no point to do great and amazing things in life and there will be no time when you will be proud of what you have done because you could do the same things
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