Loneliness Among Elderly

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Loneliness has become an increasingly common issue for the elderly (Boccia et al, 2015). It can be defined as an unpleasant disorder where a person feels apart from others (Botek, 2015). Numerous people can encounter loneliness and depression as they may be living alone and can feel isolated because there is a lack of family connection (Singh & Misra, 2009). Loneliness and isolation can cause the older individual’s to be more susceptible to depression (Runcan, 2013). This may result in the incapability to become involved in community events. It can impact on their quality of life and health creating a growing social problem (Rokach, 2013). Social isolation can cause conflicts with their self-esteem and in an elderly person’s quality of life.…show more content…
People can lose a connection with a friend and may find it hard to start new friendships as they can feel isolated from the community. The elderly can feel they might not be able to contribute in things that they may previously have enjoyed. A person that is lonely can find it difficult to reach out to others (Koenig & Weaver, 1998). There can be a stigma round loneliness as the elderly can feel ashamed to ask for help as they may have too much pride. The elderly may become more socially isolated cause of numerous reasons becoming older, the death of a loved one, retiring, and…show more content…
These plans will consist of an Inter-Generational programme, a walking programme, senior theatre programme, intervention programme, book club and a senior social programme. Session Plan Week 1: Activity: A walking programme will be set up for the elderly in the community. Depending on an elderly’s person’s ability to walk and weather permitting. A walking programme will be required which is suited to each older person’s mobility, such as an assisted walking programme and a neighbourhood walking one. Approximately 10 elderly people will attend this programme followed by ten volunteers. Aim: The aim of this programme is to get the elderly mixing among others. Learning outcomes: This programme will get the elderly socialising more among others. It will create new friendships for elderly. Structured approach to physical activity can make them feel less isolated. This programme will keep them active and help their overall
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