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Memory is one of the capabilities of the brain that enables it to store and recall information when you want.
We have two types of memory:
1 – Short term memory After 30 seconds, most of the information will disappear from your memory, its importance is in arithmetic problem, memorize number phone for while.
2 – Long term memory
It is the most important memory types and most complex, this type of memory memorize information for many years, it has a big amount of information, feelings, descriptions, events and sensations, it is type of memory that we should make it strong , and scientist assert that the brain has an unlimited ability to remember information.

There are a lot of techniques to make your Long term memory strong, best memory technique called memory palace.
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Simonides’ achievement helped the bereaved families properly bury their dead.
And with this heroic act of memory, the idea using a building or Memory Palace to place, store and retrieve information was born.
Memory palace a place or series of places in your mind where you can store information that you need to remember. With time and practice, anyone can build a memory palace.
Memory palace is a method of memory enhancement which uses visualizations to memorize information and events.
This method was used by the Romans and Greeks to memorize poetry, nowadays this method is used by many of world champions in memory and me as well, you can use this technique to memorize number, deck of cards, lists of words, faces, names and historic dates.
Memory palace is perfect for recalling large body information, all you need is physical location that you know well, and break it down in your mind into smaller pieces and link each one to a package of the information.
World champions in memory have identified 5 stages to build your mind
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