The Importance Of Lor Blindness A Disability

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lor blindness A Disability?
Color blindness is a disability because it can affect a person’s everyday life. Most people are not aware of the fact colorblindness is a disability. A lot of people get upset when one says that colorblindness is a disability. Some people believe just because a person can not see a color, it doesn 't mean they are disabled. Seeing colors is a very important thing in life. You need it for driving, school, and to simply see things in the world. Being colorblind can really affect affect one 's life which makes it a disability.
Although color blindness only affects the ability to see colors, it does make education difficult. According to Xavier Saunders in his interview he said “Teachers never take me into consideration, everytime we get worksheets the paper is always green.” That is a really huge problem for color blind students because they can’t use colored paper for their work. How is the student gonna be able to see the paper? In the same interview Xavier said “most teachers use colored pins on the board so I can 't see have the stuff they write.” When teachers use different color pens that messes with a colorblind student. How is the student supposed to read or copy what you wrote if they can’t see it. Teachers also ask students to do projects that require color. According to Xavier “teachers normally pick the colors for the class project.” this shows that teachers don’t take colorblind students into consideration, which makes it difficult
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