Personal Essay: The Importance Of Loss In My Life

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Everyone in this world encounters loss from time to time; some more painful than others, some really devastating, but I believe we all have something to learn from them. I have encountered different types of loss that made me feel incredibly awful when they happened. For example, I lost a golden necklace that I received from my aunt as a gift, a locket my best friend gave me as a symbol for our friendship in grade five, some of my favorite earrings, and so much more. However, none of these had a large impact on my life when compared to the departure of people I loved. When you lose someone, all the objects you lost before become irrelevant, because while objects can be replaced, people cannot.
At the age of four, I used to think that when
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They would only wear clothes with other colors after 6 p.m. Other family and community members would just wear black and or white during the funeral or at church services in my grandmother’s memory. Though its length varies depending on the family, this way of mourning is a common practice in my country, especially among Catholic families. Some people would wear black for a lifetime, if their close relatives allowed them to do so. In my view, this practice brings more sadness, because as you look at someone only in black, you know that person has encountered a loss recently. What I really mean is that it feels like people lock up themselves in the black clothes as a sign of their grief and this attitude does nothing but prevent them from moving on with their lives and being happy again.
After joining my grandmother’s funeral, I realized that it wouldn’t make sense for dead people to become stars. I finally understood why death was a cause of sorrow and tears. The end of life deprives us from the company of our loved ones for an undetermined period of time. We wonder how and where they are, if we are ever going to meet again, and we cannot find the exact answers. This makes one feel helpless as there’s nothing we can do about it. That’s why someone’s death is a painful moment for most of the
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