The Importance Of Love And Death In Othello

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Othello is masterpiece of Shakespeare; Othello is a tragedy play which took place in Venice, Italy, land of love and water. The play published first printed copy came in 1622 called the first quarto, came in 1630. The second folio was 1632 we have different versions from Othello. The term tragedy signified a play involving the death of great or Nobel person. Two guys appeared early in the story who were Iago and Rodrigo. We also have Othello who has been described as the black moor and the hero of the story. Othello is general in the Venetian army. Because he had chosen another man called Cassio to be his lieutenant instead of iago that made Iago wants to take revenge from Othello. Moreover Othello had married Desdemona the bold lady and the daughter of Barbantio. The story events is that Othello doubted in Desdemona although she is a faithful wife, but he killed her at the end of story, although Desdemona wanted to show the readers her forgiveness to Othello so they could forgive him too. The story events took part in the renaissance age and long 18 century, love and death in the renaissance. According to Shakespeare Othello obstruction to love and this was the theme in renaissance literature. Shakespeare developed this part in his play like Romeo and Juliet, as u like it & Othello. But in Othello it as performed in 1604. The love of the two characters at its center is met by Jealousy, hates, treachery and death. Shakespeare wrote his play for the stage with the
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