The Importance Of Blogging

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Why We Love Blogging, And You Should Too!

The question Why We Love blogging itself leads us to few basic questions, those if answer can explain half of the reasons why we love blogging and you should too! These questions are:
What Blogging is?
How blogging is done?
Why blogging should be done?
What benefits blogging can bring to us?

So, firstly let’s try finding answers to these basic questions and you will yourself know why blogging is a love affair for us!

The first question: What is Blogging?
The Answer: Blogging is each and every skill one person needs to run a blog. Blog? What it is?’s basically a mini website contains lots of information & articles of one's interest or passion. So you get, what blogging is, its updating
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The Answer: You need specific skills for blogging, the first and foremost of which is “Passion for Writing" good, fresh and interest catching content. The notable others are Search Engine Optimization Skill, Social Media Marketing Skill, Publishing Posts (most easier task), Designing and Maintaining the Design of your Blog, etc.

The third question: Why blogging should be done?
The Answer: Firstly, Blogging should be done because of all the benefits it takes with it. Secondly, everyone has a voice and ideas to share with others & blogging is the one best way to do so!

The fourth question: What benefits blogging can bring to us?
The Answer: We can divide the benefits of blogging into two major types, i.e.
1: Benefits of Blogging to
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Blogging is a free marketing – Blogging is a great way to market or promote our business, product or service and that too, absolutely free of cost!
2. Blogging can drive traffic to your website - Your blog provides you the opportunity to craft significant content for your clientele which can be best used as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website.
3. Blogging Converts Traffic into Leads – Now we can convert the traffic on our website into leads by simply having CTAs (Call to Action) buttons on each post on blog as well as on our website. Well, this works really straightforward. All you have to do is create CTAs, landing pages or lead generation forms. The objective of creating CTAs is to assemble need to know contact information from leads visiting your site with the definitive aim of transforming the leads into sales. These leads include eBooks, brochures, product demos, etc. By offering these items in exchange for their contact information, you’re assured to boost your online conversion rate.
4. Blogging can increase your SEO/ SERP - Fresh content is a key to beat out our competitors on the search engine results page. Blogging frequently about our business, industry, and product or customer lifestyle naturally increases our search keywords. While being considerate & intent about our words really boost results for Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Result

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