Troy Character Analysis Essay

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Every human has flaws and is not perfect. There’s no denying that perfection does not exist, but the effort to become better does. August Wilson sets Troy as a man with flaws throughout his path but he admits the love he has for his wife Rose. As Troy is talking with Bono and Rose, he says the stupid things and makes mistakes that he has done to Rose. Also, he tells the way how he flirted to get Rose by trying anything in order to win her heart and regretted to accept a “no” from Rose. Throughout the time together Troy keeps telling that special moment he admits the love his has for her and that she is the best thing that ever happened in his life. Troy reveals the way he feels about Rose, “I love this woman, i love this woman so much it hurts.…show more content…
Troy is an example, he barely express his feelings to his sons but his actions show he wants the best for his kids because of his life experience, He cares about them having food on the table, have a house to live and clothes to wear. He sacrificed himself working in a dangerous job with low wage in order to give what a father should provide . Attley, Ama states that “While Willy 's favorite advice to his sons focuses on his optimism for their future resulting from their attractiveness and popularity, Troy 's favorite piece of advice is more focused on realism. He states that "You 've got to take the crookeds with the straights" (37), which means that one has to be ready to endure both the hardships and triumphs, the bad and the good in life, in equal measure”(Attley 4). You hardly explain the quote or connect it to your thesis here. Many times in life people doesn 't like to assume the realism of life, they rather to be on a dream which might end up affecting their life. As Troy was a realistic person he accepted that he was a poor African American and even though he didn 't have the best job ever he still managed to do everything he could to take care of his
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