The Importance Of Love By August Wilson

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Every human has flaws and is not perfect. There’s no denying that perfection does not exist, but the effort to become better does. August Wilson sets Troy as a man with flaws throughout his path but he admits the love he has for his wife Rose. As Troy is talking with Bono and Rose, he says the stupid things and makes mistakes that he has done to Rose. Also, he tells the way how he flirted to get Rose by trying anything in order to win her heart and regretted to accept a “no” from Rose. Throughout the time together Troy keeps telling that special moment he admits the love his has for her and that she is the best thing that ever happened in his life. Troy reveals the way he feels about Rose, “I love this woman, i love this woman so much it hurts. I love her so much...I done run out of ways of loving her.”( pg 20). Throughout the play some of Troy’s actions towards his wife reflects lack of love but despite he proves with most actions the love and care he gives to his wife and family. Troy is a man who lacks words to express his feelings, always trying to show a strong character. As in this scene he was talking to Bono and at the moment Rose comes up to them and Troy hugs her and admits the love he has for her despite of many mistakes he has done which hurt Rose. As Metzger notes, “At the beginning of the play, Troy thinks he is building a fence to please Rose. She wants a fence that will keep all those she loves safe inside its walls. Later...Troy completes the fence to keep
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