The Importance Of Love In Life

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Love is an emotion that is caused by a chemical in the brain that stimulates a strong bond or connection with another person. Establishing a long term relationship with someone else is a survival skill, helping humanity protect each other and their offspring. Neverless, we all have this dreamy, whimsical idea of “true love”. Fairy tales in books and movies plant this image of an unconditional, ever-lasting affection between two people. We grow up hoping that one day, we will find it ourselves. Find a love so strong that it overcomes all obstacles in our way. And one of those obstacles is overcoming diversity between two people. The person you are today is defined by what separates you from another, what makes you different. Your physical physique (appearance) is different. Your lifestyle is different. Your belief is different. Your point of view is different. Your self-perception is different. It is a combination of contrasting characteristics that distinguishes Mary from James. And love, love does not transcend vast differences.
Everybody has read or at least heard of the book, The Giving Tree by: Shel Silverstein. It is a children’s book about a tree who loves this little boy so much, she gives him everything. Using her apples to sell. Using her branches to build a house. Using her wood to make a boat. She gives so much that by the time the boy is gone, she is nothing but an old stump. All for the happiness of the boy, because if the boy is happy, she is too. It is a

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