The Importance Of Love In Love

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Often, our partner isn’t necessarily being terrible in any overt way but we feel a growing sadness about the character of our relationship. The partner isn’t as focused on us as we would hoped. There are often times when they don’t understand us properly. They are often busy and preoccupied. They can be bit off-hand, or abrupt. They are not hugely interested in the details of our day. They call their friends rather than talk with us. We feel disenchanted and let down. Love was supposedto be lovely . But without any one huge thing having gone wrong, it doesn’t feel much that way, day to day. This sorrow has paradoxical source. We are upset now because at some point in past, we were really rather fortunate, We are sad because we have been lucky.…show more content…
They maintained reasonably sunny façade until they retired to their own bedroom. At which the true toll of their efforts could be witnessed but by then we were asleep. They did us the honor of not quite showing us what looking after us cost them. Which was immensely kind but did us one lasting disservice, it may have unwittingly created an expectation of what it could mean for someone to love us which was never true in the first place. We might in later life end up with lovers who are techy with us, who are too tired to talk at the end of the day, who don’t marvel at our every antic, who can’t even be bothered to listen to what we are saying and might feel, with some bitterness that this is not how our parents were. The irony which has its redeeming side is that in truth, this is exactly how our parents were, just up in their bedroom, when we were asleep, realize nothing. The source of our present sorrow is not therefore a special failing on the part of adult lovers. They are not tragically incept nor uniquely selfish. Its rather that we are judging our adult experiences in the light of a very different kind of childhood love. We are sorrowful not because we have landed with the wrong person, but because, we have sadly been forced to grow

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