The Importance Of Love In My Life

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To quote the author, Themis Tolis, "To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything." From the moment I met you, I knew that you’d be the one I would want to be in my life forever. My feelings for you started out small because I knew that there was a chance that we would not be able to have a life together but as I began to know you more and more, the feelings grew. I attempted to hide them more than I let them show but oftentimes I fell short. I remember when we first started talking on a regular basis after I told you I liked you. Occasionally, I would build a fantasy of you and it would include visions of us kissing, holding each other, acting silly, and various scenarios of us spending time with Christian. I expanded that fantasy each time you mentioned how you love to include Chris into your life and eventually those fantasies were cemented in my mind.
Ever since I was able to understand what love was, I’ve always imagined being married and having a family that I would not only be able to secure mentally, emotionally, and financially but I would also be proud to call MINE. Over time, my idea of marriage and family have changed due to expectations, heartbreak, and knowledge but there’s still something deep down within me that still wants to have a marriage and family. If I was granted the opportunity to have and hold your heart, I would guard it like the Secret Service officers guard the President (Obama, not Trump). I would

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