The Role Of Love In The Dresden Files

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One of the most powerful tools in the world can be felt or given by anyone: love. Love can be expressed from a mother to her child, from an owner to a pet, and from a man to a woman, etc. Any single person has the opportunity to experience the immense and warm sensation that love transmits. Some believe that the feeling of love is magical. Others believe that love can be strictly physical relating more to the anatomical aspect of it, while a countless amount of individuals are convinced that love is that of one who entrusts in a higher power. In the Dresden Files one can see that there are aspects of science, religion, and magic connecting with love. Love, or the lack of, has the ability to convince one to change his or her actions as well as helping overcoming any situation through the works of science, religion, and magic. Throughout the whole episode of The Dresden Files love helps change the character’s mind. To start, toward the beginning of the episode the…show more content…
Harry must keep magic a secret from Detective Murphy, because if one does not already know about the supernatural, he or she shall not find out. Despite the fact that Harry cannot tell Murphy, he tells her that the case she had was taken care of, while bringing her food and a drink. Harry’s feelings of love or a similar feeling help him keep magic a secret from her. Likewise, the science and magic aspect of life had a major effect on the relationship between Nikki and Matthew. Matthew was originally a lost soul until Nikki showed him physical and emotional love. Magic saved the life of Matthew to spare the love shared with Nikki. Furthermore, a man named Morgan, who serves as a higher power, also helped with saving Matthew. Morgan acted like God or a religious figure when he brought Sirota to show where Matthew was, but he knew the plan of using Bob as Matthew. He displayed his love for humanity by helping Matthew become a human
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