The Importance Of Lowering The Voting Age

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The voting age should stay at 18 and not lowered to 16 bacause i feel that lowering the age if going to be a little insane. Not saying that a 16 year old is not smart, but compare an 18 year olds mind to them. An 18 year old could have more reason to vote do to the fact that you 're conseidered an adult at that age. Maturity to me plays a big part in voting knowing if we have picked the right person to lead our country should be important. A 16 year may not have to take voting serious as an 18 year would because they are still ome being taking of there parents, voting for them has no big effect in there lives. Lest compare and contrast this situation. A 18 year is an a higher grade therefore more information recored in there minds. A 16 year old is more into having a good time and might not take it as serious and probabbly wont go and vote at all.…show more content…
Right; so lowering the age to me, is making it seem that the U.S just wants more voting percentage bacause not all of Americans are playing there part. Lowering the persentage is a little foolish, bacause we are giving minors the power to make a grownup decission, and some might agree. Teens these days already want to think they are grown, so why give them a hand. In concluding the voting age should just stay the same bacause voting is a decission for grownups to make not
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